ANDANTE Study Days, 1st – 6th June 2022.  ANDANTE General Assembly, 3rd – 4th June 2022

Dear Board Members of our Andante Member Organisations,

We have great pleasure in inviting you to the next Andante Study Days from 1st to 6th June 2022 in Lizari, Latvia, 60 km from Riga Airport, which will contain the Statutory General Assembly on 3rd and 4th June 2022. The theme of the Study Days is: “A vulnerable world calls for creative women”. The venue is the International Culture and Education Centre in Lizari.

Study Days: A vulnerable world calls for creative women


The theme of the Study Days is: “A vulnerable world calls for creative women”. You will receive the invitation letter for the Study Days with a lot of important details separately with this mail. For the opening on the first evening we ask you for a short presentation (duration about 3 minutes) about the engagement of your organisation with the theme of the Study Days. We want to present this to the participants in a clearly visible way including a poster disposed at the wall during the Study Days. We also ask you for a possible contribution to the liturgical celebration at the end of the Study Days. Please send this directly to vroni.peterhans[at]

General Assembly


In accordance with the provisions in the Andante Statutes (art 6.3), we send you herewith the draft agenda. If your organisation wants to suggest any items or proposals for the agenda, you are kindly asked to send them to the Secretariat (, together with any related documentation, by 19th April 2022.

Nominations Coordinating Committee (CoCoA)

With the summer letter we have already informed you about the upcoming new elections. Now we send you the nomination form and the requirements for candidates. Whether nominating a new candidate or renewing the nomination of someone who has already been on the CoCoA, it is necessary to send in the nomination form.

Please do this as soon as you can, but no later than 19th April 2022. The form must be signed by the president of the organisation as well as by the candidate and be accompanied by a short CV and statement from each candidate outlining her motivation for standing for election to the CoCoA and what she can contribute. It is, of course, also possible to nominate a candidate after 19th April.



At the Statutory Assembly each member organisation can be represented by a maximum of three delegates who have one vote together. We remind you that, in order to have voting rights at the Assembly, organisations must be up to date with their subscriptions for 2022. An invoice inviting you to pay the annual subscription was sent to you at the beginning of February 2022. Member organisations may be represented at the General Assembly by a delegate from another member organisation. This requires a written proxy vote. Each organisation can only accept one proxy vote.




Numbers from each organisation attending the Study Days are not limited to the three delegates. Individuals attending the Study Days, who are not one of the delegates from their organisation, are also invited to attend the General Assembly as observers.


Please notice that the delegates have to register for the Study Days via the Andante website The registration is now open. For registration please refer to the separate invitation letter to the Study days you receive with this email.

Topics for the next three years

In the past, we have voted for topics for the following three years at the General Assembly according to your proposals. This time we have decided to orientate ourselves on the focal points of the Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) at the Council of Europe (CoE). As a result, we hope to be able to direct targeted motions from our Study Days. We would like to decide at the General Assembly together with our member organisations a main topic based on the topics of the CoE as well as subtopics and ask you for your suggestions.

These are the topics the Conference of INGOs at the CoE focuses on:

1. Interconvictional and interreligious dialogue

2. Human rights and artificial intelligence from the female perspective

3. Climate change with particular female perspectives

4. Migration as a cross-cutting issue

For the above-mentioned topics, we would like to ask you for your ideas and suggestions for sub-topics that you would like to implement with ANDANTE and in your organisations during the upcoming study days 2023-2025. Furthermore, we would like to define an overarching title for the next 3 years together with you.



LIZARI – International Centre for Culture and education
Latvia, Jalgava region, Vircava district, Mazlauki, LV – 3037
Phone: +371 20 375 375
E-Mail: info[at]

Looking forward to meeting you in Latvia, we send our best wishes

However - While we are busy with all our plans and hope to meet again, terrible things are happening in the Ukraine.

Let us pray for the people there and help them where we can.


For the Coordinating Committee of Andante 

Vroni Peterhans and Sabine Slawik, Co-Chairs

Invitation Study Days and Programme

Draft of Agenda General Assembly

Andante Studiedagen 1-6 juni Riga