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About us

The Network of Catholic Women is an open network
of and for women who, from her Catholic life
attitudes consider the following important:

- Meeting and deepening around ideological
and social themes;
- Standing up for the position and interests of women in church and society;

- Collaborate and join forces with sister organisations in the Netherlands, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Organizations as well as individuals are welcome at the net-
work and cordially invited to activities.

Partners / Contacts
Currently members of the Network are members of the Network: the Conference of Dutch Religious (, the Catholic Women's Gilde Houten and the Grail Movement Netherlands ( In the Netherlands, the Netwerk is a member of the Dutch Women's Council (NVR,, the Association of Catholic Social Organizations (VKMO, and the Mariënburgvereniging (; it also has a quality seat in Justice and Peace ( A delegation from the Network meets every six months with Mgr. Gerard de Korte, sponsor of the bishop Woman and Church. In addition, it has contacts with numerous other organizations and institutions, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Internationally the Network is affiliated with Andante and the WUCWO.

The Network of Catholic Women originates from the NKV Union, the national umbrella organization of Catholic women's organizations. The Network is een new and more actuel form of unifying women with the same background. The Network does want to continue the rich tradition of study days organized by the Union in the past and to continue to make use of the many good ecclesiastical and social contacts, both in the Netherlands and internationally, that have been built up by this organization over the years.


To participate
Do you want to support the Network? You or your group can participate as a donor / friend. For a minimum of € 15.00 per year, we will regularly send you an electronic newsletter with current information. You also receive a reduction on the entrance fee for meetings. Groups can register as a member at a reduced price per person. You can register HERE.

Annual meeting day
The Network wants to organize a national meeting at least once a year on a philosophical / social theme. Questions will arise such as: What affects us as a woman? Who do we want to connect with? Where can we make our voices heard? How can we inform others about what is going on in our lives and in our society? With the symposium "Which way do you choose?" on ‘Ethics’ in October 2017, the Network kicked off the competition. In October 2018 it was about #MeToo. In February 2020 it was about ‘Meaning and everyday life’.


Maria van Schaijik, chair
Annie Beunen-Ossel, secretary
Ans Huijbregts-Krijnen, treasurer
Holkje van der Veer, member
Marie-Louise van Wijk-van de Ven, member
Carin Hereijgers, Secretary

Post: Achterschouffert 57, 6471 VB Eijgelshoven


Finance: Union NKV, Amersfoort, NL42 INGB 0001977676

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